+ What is a LightJet print?

LightJet printers expose light-sensitive photographic paper with laser light; the paper is then developed using traditional photochemical means. LightJets have the widest color gamut of any photographic printer ever made, achieving unbelievably smooth color gradations and subtlety not attainable in inkjet printing.

+ What papers do you use?

We use Fuji Crystal Archive lustre and matte for all of our prints and FujiFlex for our face mounts. Fuji Crystal Archive is the best archival photography paper available and, therefore, an excellent and reliable choice for fine art photography printing. Like Fuji Crystal Archive, FujiFlex is also a silver halide true photographic material, but on a polyester base. It has a high-gloss, almost glass-like surface, with excellent grey balance, high color saturation, tonality, and depth similar to the (sadly) no longer manufactured Ilfochrome.

+ Do you only offer "limited edition" prints?

Yes. All limited editions are signed and numbered in the right-hand corner of the print. We run small edition numbers, and once the edition sells out we hold an A.P., or artist proof, for potential future sale. If the edition sells out and you would like to purchase an A.P. please email us directly. prints@andybardon.com - Once an edition sells out, as well as the A.P., it will never be printed again. Ever. Just the way it should be.

+ Can I order a custom print size?

We cannot take requests for custom sizes for any of our limited edition prints because it would be a one-of-a-kind print and change the nature and value of the edition.

+ What exactly does "archival" mean

Archival: Of or relating to archives or valuable records; contained in or comprising such archives or records.
The word "archival" gets thrown around A LOT, but sadly, because there is no legal standard definition for this term, it can be meaningless. When we say "archival", it relates to the longevity of the materials we use in both printing and framing. We have selected the most archival materials available in today's market with regards to durability. Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (which we use exclusively), has rated the highest in independent lab tests for the longevity of any chromogenic photographic material, lasting six to seven decades before any noticeable fade and outlasting other brands by an almost three-to-one margin. Prints made on these papers are considered fine art and used worldwide by top photographers.

+ I know my budget, but I can't decide which print I want. Can you help me select a photograph for a specific space?

Sure. Take a snapshot of the space with your phone and email it to us. prints@andybardon.com. We can help you find the right fit to fill a specific wall in your home or office.

+ I would like my print framed, but do not want a face mount. Do you offer other options?

Unfortunately, we do not. We suggest that you seek out a local framer so you're sure that your frame is 100% satisfactory.

+ I have a framer that I already work with whom I know and trust. Can I work with them?

Of course. We can ship your print directly to your framer, and you can mull over all the frame options available to ensure you are 100% happy with your final piece.

+ Help! My print is... damaged.

We take every measure possible to ensure your print arrives safely, but if your package arrives damaged, please contact us immediately with a photo of the damage. We leave an ample white border around every print, whose purpose is to protect the image both during shipping and in the handling process during framing. Most matting and framing will cover any issues within these borders, but if something is still concerning you, contact us for further assistance. If your print is damaged after being taken out of the packaging by yourself or a framer, don't fret. We will work with you towards a solution at the lowest cost possible to you, but please understand we cannot offer replacements free of charge, so take great care with your print. Due to the nature of limited edition prints, we may need to take measures to ensure the damaged print is destroyed before sending a replacement. Please be honest and patient in the case of damaged prints; this will take time, but in the end we are dead set on making sure you are happy.


If you have additional questions, please submit a message on the contact page or send an email to prints@andybardon.com.